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Written by Kat Pura Vida 🌴, February 9th, 2018 (Latest Update: April 29, 2020)
“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” 
- Erin Hanson
I remember the night so clearly

Romeo and I were walking home from work - we had both just finished long shifts - I had just worked multiple hours as a personal fitness trainer and then in a retail fitness store, and him just finishing a long gruelling shift of working over a hot grill as a fast food manager.

We were both tired, it was dark and it felt like another day had passed where all of a sudden an entire day was gone where we hadn’t spent a moment outside in the daylight.

I felt tired, trapped and was filled with dread.

How could we have been living like this, on auto-pilot for so many years, crippled with debt, living paycheque to paycheque with no hope of change and... much longer could we do this?
Romeo was dealing with a really bad shoulder injury, burnout and exhaustion and I was battling depression and constant anxiety and turmoil over our future.

A glimpse of the moment we met, ten years previous, flashed through my mind. We met at a bus stop and shared how we each wanted to travel the world. 

We were young and we were dreamers and we were full of hope for the future.
What the hell happened?
In a blink of an eye, here we were and it felt like we were just slipping further and further away from those dreamers.

“I can’t have a job anymore.” I said to Romeo.

My heart sank as I said it and I was filled with guilt, fear and sadness all at the same time.

He just looked at me. Flashes of anger, turmoil and…what looked like defeat showed in his eyes.

We kept walking, went home and didn’t talk more about it. There was just a defeaning silence between us. It felt like a dead end. 
I’ll never forget that moment.
Why did I say it? 

After years of jumping from job to job, I just knew I couldn’t work for someone. 

I wanted to work for myself but I didn’t have the slightest clue as to how I could actually run my own business.

But when I finally SAID it… when I finally admitted it and let those words slip out of my mouth, there was no going back.
I knew where I was and I knew what I DIDN’T want anymore.
And that became the first trigger to a series of steps that eventually brought us HERE.

It’s now 8 years later since that dark night and here I sit now in our Costa Rican home overlooking our property filled with wild trees, fruit and the countryside surrounding us with soft sounds of beach waves crashing in the distance in our little beach town of Avellanas.
It’s been over 8 years of being completely job free, traveling, living abroad, spending time with Romeo and truly living our dreams...
Bigger than the dreams we had when we were younger.

From crazy travel adventures to day trips and mini getaways to nearby countries, to secret waterfalls, to beautiful beaches, to extreme adventure sports, to being on a plane more times then I can count... 
...and to experiencing MUCH MORE than I ever have in my entire life...
All while growing our brand, Digital Beach Bums Co, as entrepreneurs, in a field we knew nothing about many years prior, and carving out our own place in the internet world...

...known to many as that unevenly tanned, messy and salted hair couple who went after their dreams of travel, moved to the beaches of Costa Rica, and have successfully created multiple thriving businesses doing exactly what they love... combining Passion and Profits, all while meeting and working with people from all over the world...

...Digital Nomads, Location Independent Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Bloggers and Passionate Dreamers alike, that all wanted the same thing we did all those years ago.
Simply put to LIVE OUR DREAM.
So how did we do it? 

Can Anyone Do it? 

What are the steps to take?

How did I come to completely and utterly transform myself and my life?

That’s what this post is about and by the end of it, I hope to give you an exact blueprint of what YOU CAN DO.

I not only write this to those of you that are at that breaking point, but I also write this to my old self.
One of my greatest driving forces is to think of how it felt all those years ago to step out on a limb and do something different, without any guidance.
It was terrifying.

The scariest part of it all was not being able to talk to anyone or to really know of people out there living the life we wanted. 

It took a massive amount of courage for us to go out without that guidance so I know if I had more reference of people out there already doing it, it could have helped me to not only breakthrough faster but also reach success faster.

Before you read on, allow me to give you one piece of advice.
Open yourself to the possibility of what could be and tap into that dreamer within you.
Suspend disbelief for a moment, and allow yourself to imagine your dreams in action.

Take to heart the information I am about to share with you because trust me, this comes from years of experience, experimentation, mistakes, lessons and my greatest failures mixed with my greatest successes.

I have weeded through it all to bring you this 6 step guide to help YOU start making moves in your own life so that 2020 can be YOUR YEAR where you never look back again, and begin to transform and bring your dreams into fruition.

So let’s begin with the first step:
1. Start Where You Are NOW (Be Willing)
Let me address a thought you may be thinking.

“Kat, you are just lucky you could change your life. I can’t do what you did because there is so much going on for me and there is NO WAY I can do what you did. It’s cool and all, but it sounds too good to be true.”

Let me share a bit more about where we were at.
Yes, This is where we got started... a Call Center Girl 📞 and A Fast Food Manager 🍔 (no beach, no money, no freedom here - just two ordinary city kids trying to 'make it')
See, I am known for being very honest and also for being very positive. I tend not to dwell on the negatives and more so, look to see how I can solve problems and create solutions.

But I wasn’t always like this. 

Growing up, I watched my dad struggle with alcoholism, jumping from failed business to failed business to bankruptcy. I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet and we moved…constantly. 

Being an only child, you could say I grew up fast and approached the stresses of life faster. 
I struggled with depression for years and never felt like I fit in anywhere. 
I struggled socially, I was an introvert and dealt with constant anxiety and low self esteem.

My negative self-talk was horrifying when I think back on it now. I self-mutilated. I reached some very low points in my life and I always felt like I would never be good enough for anything.

That night Romeo and I were walking…there was another event we had also just experienced that became a crippling defeat. We wanted to start a family and I had just had a miscarriage.

We were also drowning in debt and we just felt caught on a hamster wheel of constantly trying to “catch up.”

No one would have walked up to us at that moment and said, "Hey guys, this is the PERFECT time for you to just quit your jobs and go out there and start a new life."
There was just no way. 
It felt like a BRICK WALL was in front of us.

The thing is, when I said those words "I can’t have a job"…something happened.

All of a sudden, I spoke something undeniable.

I knew exactly where I was at, and even though, in the moment I saw no possible solution for it, I knew it was TRUE.
I was willing to admit where I was at and what I didn’t want anymore.
I was honest about my true feelings, no matter how scary or how much it hurt to say them.

Another brick wall formed - and for a brief moment, it was like being between two brick walls. 

A rock and a hard place.

No going back and no hope of change in the future.

So, what happened?

Well, when I said those words, something ELSE happened that I was not aware of.
My intuition had kicked in and I finally began to listen.
And I kid you not, from that moment, even though things felt majorly shitty, all of a sudden some strange things began to happen.

I began to notice things.

Like when I walked into the bookstore and found myself staring at an orange book in front of me. 

Just calling for me to pick it up. I just happen to be walking by and I just SAW it…all orange and waiting for me.

What was the book?
The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

I picked it up, bought it and went home and read it.

The brick wall in front of me began to fade and I began to see possibility meanwhile the brick wall behind me stayed.

There was no going back anymore…

...and it was scarier to consider STAYING then it was to begin to take steps in faith of what could be.
The future became a new possibility. 
I didn’t believe it yet...

...but I began to see something new, something different and I felt like I could breathe again.

And this is that first step…

...KNOW WHERE YOU ARE and be willing to face it.

We all know what we truly want…it’s deep down even if it’s so far that you haven’t allowed yourself to think about what you truly want.

Begin to ask yourself questions. 

What is the cost of your INACTION

What will your life look like if you DON’T change anything? 

How does that make you feel?

If you change nothing, will things get worse?
There’s that pain and that brick wall of knowingness and truth.
And here you are reading this with a new possibility in front of you.

One where you can finally SEE what can be, because it CAN.

Start where you are and ask yourself those hard questions now. 

Go stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your eyes. 

Take out that white sheet of paper and write what you are most afraid of. 

Start typing and see what comes out. 
Start facing YOUR TRUTH.
When you begin to be really honest with yourself NOW and you start to see how the next step is going to be about change... 

...then you can begin to take the next step:
2. Embrace What Could Be 
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt
It’s time to think about your dreams. 
What do you want? 

What excites you in life? 

What would you love to do or be or have? 

When you envision your perfect life, how do you see it? 

How do you see yourself?

This is the beginning so you may not believe it yet, and you don’t have to. 
Belief can grow and build but you can begin to know it’s POSSIBLE for you to have a different future.
Next, start writing down what you want. One of the best exercises I have done and that REALLY opened my mind to those deep dreams within me was making a list of 100 things on my dream list.

Write out your TOP 100 list - like a bucket list and just let it flow. Trust me when you get to about 50-60, your brain may begin to go blank or doubt may kick in, but just keep writing, even if you think the ideas are ridiculous. 

And it also doesn't matter how BIG or SMALL you may feel those dreams are…write ALL of themAnd be specific and general. 
Just go for it!
For example, one may be to travel the world and another may be to hike a very specific mountain or to go active volcano sliding (yes, that’s a thing)...

...or visit historical places, or go sightseeing somewhere you've never been, or live in a foreign country for a month...

...or to try a very strange cuisine, like bone marrow, or try a weird fruit, or something as simple as having a pizza on the beach...

...or to learn how to do hand stand pushups and also run an ultra marathon in the desert. 
It can be ANYTHING. 
Need Ideas? Here's a few... (my personal fave - eating 🍕 on the beach!)
Want to publish a book? Have no idea what about? It doesn’t matter, write it on your list!

The idea is to open your mind outside of what you are used to, and allow yourself to break out of your comfort zone.

Not only is this exercise fun, but you may even surprise yourself at the weird things you may come up with :)

Now, that you have allowed yourself to really OPEN to what could be, let’s jump right into the next step:
3. Find Your Tribe & Mentors
“Plenty of people will think you're crazy, no matter what you do. Don't let that stop you from finding the people who think you're incredible - the ones who need to hear your voice, because it reminds them of their own. Your tribe. They're out there. Don’t let your critics interfere with your search for them.” 
― Vironika Tugaleva
I mentioned that I really wish we had had guidance when we began our journey. A place to fit in with our crazy dreams and see others doing it too.

When you begin to connect with others, read stories, and join a community of like-minded fellow dreamers that think ANYTHING is possible and some are actually going out and DOING IT, you begin to believe more in yourself and what you can do.

Not only that, but you also begin to gain new ideas of what you could do, how you can launch a business or how you can turn your passion into profits.
“Everyone needs someone in their corner who confidently believes in them.” - Robin Roffer
And with that, it’s important to find the right mentorship.
Giving a talk about becoming a digital nomad and building your tribe online at an Internet MArketing Conference
Find people that have done what you want to do, that have been through the trenches, that have made the mistakes and experienced the failures and now have the success you seek, because they can help DRASTICALLY reduce your learning curve and timeline.

If you have someone saying to you “Go THIS way” it can make ALL the difference between getting stuck in a place for a long time to breaking through into the next phase and level of your dream building and business.

If you haven’t found a place yet, make sure to watch the video below (on our facebook page)...

Not only is it a fun place for everything to do with digital business but also lifestyle shenanigans, hacks, inspiration and being surrounded by people that are positive dreamers, some of whom are also living out their crazy awesome dreams.

Like quitting their jobs and traveling. 

Like getting results for the first time in their business in YEARS and finally loving what they do. 

Like traveling full time in an RV with their pets. 

Like building a purely passion based business. 


Plug in because not only will you meet really cool people, but you will also get access to our Behind the Scenes private webinars, downloads, resources and access to our most current webinars & tutorials.

We have offered, revamped and always improved on our webinars over the years and we continue to get incredible feedback from people about the results they get JUST from this one series. 

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And it’s a no-fluff type thing - we give you REAL actionable strategies that work, that we use in our own business, that anyone can do and implement immediately.


Which brings me to the next step:
4. Passion & Profit 
“If you create and market a product or service through a business that is in alignment with your personality, capitalizes on your history, incorporates your experiences, harnesses your talents, optimizes your strengths, complements your weaknesses, honors your life's purpose, and moves you towards the conquest of your own fears, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that anyone in this or any other universe can offer the same value that you do!” 
― Walt F.J. Goodridge
Can you ACTUALLY create a sustainable, profitable business online based on your passions??


Now, there are many schools of thought and there is a LOT of information online about business and maybe you have become overwhelmed by it all.

So many different business models from ECOM, to affiliate marketing, softwares, to business opportunities to MLMs to coaching/consulting to physical products to so much more.

Where to start?

Well, let’s say you are standing on the edge of a cliff and in front of you is another cliff but there is a deep drop in front of you. 

You could risk it, and just JUMP and hope that you will make it to the other side, but we are not in the Matrix movies. 

So what to do?
How do you go from where you are standing now? 
Feeling like you know absolutely nothing about online business (or maybe you feel you know too much about your options) and you just don’t know where to begin?

Do you just pick one, jump and hope for the best?

No…you have to start with YOU.

It comes back down to YOU. 

Where you are NOW. 

After years of coaching and working with hundreds of people, I have come to understand one thing about people.

Most times, even though people say they are confused or unsure of what to do, most people actually already KNOW what they want.

They may not have the entire plan but they have a pretty good sense of what they want to do…which direction they want to head in…but they just don’t believe they CAN because they think there may be something better or different.
Start with where you are. 
Yes, you may not know everything about what you want to do but let’s start with what you are already passionate about. 

Maybe you have a hobby or an interest in something, and it just pulls at your heart strings. It’s something you have always gravitated towards but it just doesn't make sense how it could be a business model. 

Or maybe you know it could be a business but you are just unsure of where to go forward?

All you have to do is a build a bridge across that cliff to the other side. 

It will take work but there will be a plan and a goal of where you are headed.
It begins with you knowing where you are now, asking yourself what you want, what excites you and what you are passionate about NOW.
Even if that morphs and transforms into something else in the future, that’s ok but you can’t know that until you actually take the steps in front of you and begin to take action NOW on what’s in front of you. 

And usually our intuition is always ringing in our head telling us to go in a certain direction.
Pablo Picasso once said: "I begin with an idea then it becomes something else."
As for the business itself, once you begin to put your ideas on paper and begin to imagine what kind of business YOU want to build online, the strategies and tools will be there for you when you begin to look.

That leads into the next step:
5. Be a Student of Skill
"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele
As you go through the stages above, you will begin to see a road in front of you and although you won’t know ALL the steps yet... 

...just know if you begin to walk down that road, everything you need will come your way. 
Being here and reading this is one of those steps because one thing Romeo and I specialize in, is showing you how to turn your ideas into a viable, profitable business online.

We have broken down all the steps.  It encompasses the 3 things every business needs to thrive and that's:

1. knowing how to build an audience and customer base, then...

2. knowing how to setup proper systems in your business for it to operate and function properly and finally...

3. knowing how to put it all together in the context of your dream lifestyle - because at the end of the day, this is about you living YOUR dream....

This is always what we focus on MOST in our webinars and tutorials because it's always about sharing ACTIONABLE material. You can begin by joining our Facebook Group: Freedom Vibes.
So what is this really all about? 
I have just given you the steps you can take to move forward in your business and it’s really about being a STUDENT.

From this point forward, accept the fact that as an entrepreneur you will always be learning, mastering your skills and consistently adapting through forward action.

You are a student for life and mastering your skill sets in your business will become a part of your dream lifestyle. 

That’s why I wrote that when you launch your business, it HAS TO be linked in some way to your PASSIONS.

Because if you have no interest in, or even dislike the business you build, you will NOT want to learn more or have that true feeling of commitment to your business that is required especially in the context of learning.
It must begin with your passions because you are here to build your dreams, and not just a business that you end up hating!
That’s not what dream building is about.

For me, even though I had NO CLUE about online business, I began with what I’m passionate about. 

I loved fitness, travel and to learn about personal development.

At the time, I VASTLY doubted how I could ever be an entrepreneur because I just didn’t see the business model but now I know it’s because I carved out my own little space in the online world and created my own niche within a niche.

That's what you will do too… you will fulfill a space as well with your business that no one else can fulfill BUT YOU.

And although you don’t have the whole road in front of you yet and you may not know exactly how things will look 5 or 10 years down the line, that’s ok.
Start where you are now and begin taking those ACTION steps in front of you.
Don’t know what to do yet? 

Start asking yourself questions like the ones from above!

Join our Freedom Vibes Tribe!

Check out our digital marketing tutorials on Patreon!

Any one of those could spark the next step…and then the next and the next and before you know it, as long as you keep taking action, you will look back in wonder at how far you have come.

And this rounds out the final step:
6. Step Into The Future
“Stop putting off your dreams. What are you waiting for? Define your goal, figure out the steps, and get started. Today!” 
― Akiroq Brost
Begin to take the steps in front of you. Even if you feel they are small steps, that’s ok….keep going for it.

And with that, begin to put focus as often as possible on how you see yourself in the future.
What does it feel like, look like, smell like, sound like to live your PERFECT DAY?
If you have never done it, then I recommend to do the Perfect Day exercise.

Take a quiet moment, where you can sit with a blank sheet of paper or in front of your computer and write out, in as great detail as possible, what your perfect day would look like.

Starting from waking up in the morning, describing the sounds you hear, the things you see, the people you are with to what you touch, taste and feel. 
Write in as much detail as possible how you would go through your day focusing on all five senses and making it like a movie in your mind.
I have done this exercise many, many times and I have experienced my perfect day SO many times EXACTLY how I described it in this exercise that it is just mind boggling. 

I consistently add to it, modify it, change it and read it as often as possible. And it would always begin to start to happen, first in the small ways - I would begin to FEEL the way I describe and slowly my reality would begin to shift as well.

It is something purely magical and I am not the only one to have experienced this. I have heard and read so many stories that The Perfect Day Exercise is ons of those gems you will find in many successful entrepreneurs’ stories.

The amazing thing about this is... 
...when you step into your future, realize also that it’s happening NOW. 
I am definitely a student of the present-moment mindfulness movement and I have heard many people ask, how do I live in the moment while also planning my future?

It seems like a paradox but when I began to tap into my core, into my intuition and became VERY honest with myself about my dreams, wants and how I really saw myself in the future.
I brought that future to the HERE AND NOW.
It won’t happen overnight, but it will begin to happen in stages and you will find yourself living more and more in the moment because of this. 

It’s about bringing the future here by stepping into it with each step you take - which can only ever happen NOW.
It’s truly an amazing thing and when you begin to see it, it will inspire and amaze you.
If there is one major distinct change in me over the past 8 years, and there have been a LOT, I will write that the number one difference between me now and me then…. is that I am more present in my life.

I am able to enjoy life more, I am able to bring more love and compassion into the moment. I am able to face my emotions better. 

I have developed a greater sense of awareness about myself and it has allowed me to continuously improve my state and my life.

And as fate would have it, after being together with Romeo for over 18 years, we just had a baby here in Costa Rica. She is the greatest and most beautiful blessing to ever come into our lives and thanks to all I have learned, I feel that I am in the best place in my life to fully embrace all the magic of motherhood. 

I savour and relish each moment with her and we hope to pass on to her all that we have learned. Not only that, but we feel lucky to be able to give her a life of travel, adventure and freedom.
I no longer live with a constant feeling of waiting but rather, a knowingness that I am living my life and I am present.


Thank you for reading this guide and I hope that it has helped  to illuminate some things in your life. I hope you can walk away from this with at least one insight into how you can TRULY live the life of your dreams.

I would love to hear back from you so please leave me a comment, send me a message or an email and share with me what you took away from this and if it helped you.

Also, I would love for you to join our Facebook community: the Freedom Vibes Tribe and plug in there with an incredibly positive, supportive and uplifting group of people that just want to help each other WIN.
Join it Here:

And to check out our digital marketing tutorials, webinars and resources, check out our Patreon community here:


Thank you again!

Much Love & Pura Vida!
Kat Zapanta 🌴
Digital Beach Bums Co.
Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain
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